Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Finished Final Version

We got some more feedback and so decided to make some minor changes that will hopefully perfect the video. So this is the very final version of the video that we will hand in.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Music Video

This is a version of our music video but we have been advised to make changes so this is not the final piece.

Media Products Evaluation

Fun concepts which are often random and tend to not relate to their lyrics. I believe my music video had a fun concept and created humour, without relating exactly to the lyrics. Another common characteristic of this genre of music videos would be that the lyrics raise a topical issue of concern, that the band/artist feel strongly about. I think that my music video used the topical issue of rich and poor, through the two groups coming together to have a powder paint fight. We used and developed these codes and conventions to keep the video light-hearted and funny without being too serious as the artist’s ideology is all about having fun and not taking life too seriously. 

After the feedback shown on the ‘Prezi’ picture, we then edited parts of the powder paint fight so that when the beat got faster so did the clips, we also repeated the use of clips. We have also re-filmed the artist getting powder paint blown at him this will go into the music video just after when Emily blows the powder paint through her hand (so it will basically look like she is blowing the paint on to him).This connects the artist to the powder paint fight so it gives it more meaning.

Finished Digipak...

This is my finalised version of my Digipak. I think it works because of the colour scheme. The genre of the song is Britpop so I used the British flag to link back to it. The colour scheme of the flag is white, red and blue and so the three bottom pictures are the same colours and it helps to tie the whole Digipak together. The font colours are easy to read and stand out on their backgrounds. The many images of the artist help to establish him and the images with the brick backgrounds are effective as they link him back to his music video.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Journal Post 09/03/12

We filmed the artist having powder paint thrown at his face so that once Emily blows paint through her mouth: 

It will hit the artist in the face. This will then link the artist to the powder paint fight which will help the rest of our video tie in together. Also, this will help the artist be more established as he is in the video more than he used to be.

Finished Poster...

This is the first finished version of my Poster which I decided still wasn't quite right as I then didn't like the font of the title and it was hard to see the essential parts at the bottom of the poster which tell the audience where they can get the album from.

I then changed the title to the actual title/logo from the album cover and put white blocks behind the essential elements and added the record label so that it fits in with the music video. I like this a lot now and can say that it is finished.

Digipack Progression

After feedback, I decided to remove the powder paint fight image and I have decided to re-shoot specially for my Digipak so that it really relates to my artist. My favourite things about it are the front and back cover which I think work well together and with the music video. When taking photos of the artist again I will do it in a different location so that it doesn't all look the same.